Oracle of visions by Ciro Marchetti – Oracle Deck Review

Oracle of visions by Ciro Marchetti

I had the pleasure of emailing Ciro Marchetti last year regarding using images of his previous Tarot deck – Legacy of the Divine Tarot on my Facebook page, in order to give free readings to my fans. He graciously emailed me back and gave his consent to do so, taking time out to thank me for giving him the courtesy of asking before I used his images. At the time I noticed his latest deck was actually an Oracle deck, and I was very interested in it, but it had yet to reach general mass publication. I checked back this year, and was delighted to see it for sale in general bookstores. I ordered a copy and looked forward to its arrival, and was delighted with the sumptuous case, and elegant design. It is well packaged and beautifully presented, as are his other works.

It has the feeling of old worldly charm, and regal design throughout this deck. Mythical beauty abounds on the front cover of the companion book, and the cards are a delight to behold. They are slightly larger than the standard size, but not so big that you cannot shuffle them comfortably. The pictures are artistic, vibrant and creative, each telling a unique story allowing for intuitive readings, as they speak to you without having to look up each one’s meaning. In fact he encourages you to read from the images portrayed within this deck. So that you can use this deck intuitively and visually, as each individual card paints a vivid picture, allowing for divine messages to reach you.

Oracle of visions tarot deck is a 52 card deck, the cart size is 3.5 × 5.5 inches, with a gloss finish at gold edges. The companion book is 5.5 × 3.5 inches, and contains a picture of each card in black-and-white along with keywords and a quote underneath on one page, and on the opposite page is a general meaning of how this card is interpreted. It’s a fairly light companion book, but as the imagery contained on the cards is so vivid, it is not difficult access more subtle information, and develop your reading style with these cards.

I have found them useful for personal use, as well as using them in a professional capacity doing my psychic readings. I feel they would work well with professional clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, as well as the general public. The beauty of this deck is in the artwork, that is clearly his forte, as he does it so very well. Surreal images serving as visual triggers activate the readers intuitive gifts and abilities, providing for compelling and perceptive readings, that will ensure that this deck does not gain dust on the shelf.