Princess Charlotte 

  Crystal Sky has accurately and publicly predicted the name and sex of another Royal Baby.  She was right with Prince George, and now when this Psychic announced online that a girl would be born in May, and would be called Charlotte, the world was listening.  
A strange thing happened after her blog post announcement.  Here is what the bookies said:

According to one of the country’s biggest bookmakers, betting patterns suggest that someone got word of the name about 10 days ago, and that news began to leak out to other people, which is why Charlotte ended up being second favourite . 

Less then one day after Crystal Sky’s psychic prediction was published the name Charlotte went to being one the most popular bets.  How did Crystal know for certain before the baby was born?  Here is what she had to say:

I asked the Universe the question, just as I had with Prince George and I  received a clear answer back.  I was so confident that I shared my knowledge with the world.  I have been tweeting for days about Princess Charlotte and today we have confirmation that this is truly her name.  I never had any doubts though.  When you get a reply that clear, it’s foretold from a future space and is precise in nature.