The Tarot – Major Arcana – The Fool

The Tarot – Major Arcana – The Fool

Number: 0

Element: Air

Astrology: Uranus – The eclectic plant of originality and eccentricity 

Keywords: Potential, openness, freedom, fresh start, journey,  curiosity,  possibility,  inspiration, joy, confidence,  vision, faith, adventure, hope and courage.

  Stay hungry.  Stay foolish. 

This quote is the farewell message placed on the back cover of the 1974 edition of The Whole Earth Catalogue . Steve Jobs was a fan of the magazine. In his words:

On the back of the cover of their final issue was a photograph of an early morning country road, the kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so adventurous. Beneath it were the words: ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.’

This quote encapsulates the energy of  The Fool so well. The quote is an encouragement to keep in a state of learning and an open state of mind, perhaps like seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

The tarot card The Fool is a deeply creative card,   and it represents the start of a new beginning or rebirthing.   This card contains within itself all the elements of the other cards.  It is the original creative seed, which expresses great potential, creativity, freedom, fresh vision, and possibility.  It indicates that your creative, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, or physical energy is transforming towards new horizons.   Aces in your reading lend greater weight to this new beginning.   Life is made up of cycles, and as spring bursts forth after winter, so does The Fool  burst forth on his journey.    The energy of this card is enthusiastic, naïve, curious and irrepressible.  It speaks of both the ending of one cycle, and the beginning of another cycle simultaneously.  It is the seed which contains all elements, gently unfolding within itself.  The Fool urges you take a leap of faith into the unknown, in order to create positive change.  With  faith, courage, and an irrepressible spirit you are able to manifest new realities into being.   When The Fool appears in your Tarot  reading, you can be assured that something new and wonderful is on the horizon.  Embrace this new beginning and trust in your intuition to guide you towards beginning a new cycle in life.

The Fool

The Major Arcana – The Fool




Tarot Cards Suit of Swords

Swords = Blue = Air

Other Names: Staves, arrows, knives

Element: Air

Conception = Air = Swords = Kings

Attributes: Active, male

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Direction: East
Season:  Autumn/Fall

Attributes: Active, male, controversy, conflict

In regards to self: Mind, thoughts, fears, ambition, knowledge, intellect
Qabbalistic World: Yetzirah – the Formative World

Air is seen as the intellect, logic and reasoning. An active element, Air carries your thoughts, dreams and fears.   Your mind and thoughts can visualise many possibilities, yet only one path is actually possible.  

Swords represent logic, the mind and your thoughts. They deal with problems and troubles, planning, communication, ideas, fears, possible outcomes and their consequences.  In a tarot card reading swords represent your daily life struggles, fears, and problems in general. The very nature of a sword is sharp and penetrating. Combined with the swiftness of air, the combination can see situations arise quickly. The ability to think clearly means resolution is quick also. Sword people are great thinkers and usually drawn to academic careers.  You will find them in study, research, teaching, the sciences, law courts and libraries. They have a sharp intellect and think about all potential outcomes with a reasoning mind.

Keywords: decisions, worries, problems, issues, tension, communication, intelligence, conflict, arguments, logic, reason, cognition, ideas, inspirations, balance, equilibrium, intellect, intelligent, overthinking, forethought 

Suit of Swords – Element of Air

Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

The Tarot Elements 


There are four classical elements – water, fire, earth and air – each with their own characteristics and symbolic meaning.

And in the Tarot, each of the Suits is related to one of these four elements.