The Tarot – Major Arcana – The Empress

The Tarot – Major Arcana – The Empress

Number: III

Element: Earth

Astrology: Venus– The planet of feminine fertility, love, and sexuality

Keywords:  Fertility,  creativity, maternity, sexuality, sensuality, beauty, elegance, harvest, receptivity, motherhood, maternal, feminine, protection, prosperity, productivity, abundance, pleasure, feminine, intelligence,  love,  growth

The Empress is the divine feminine intelligence expressing itself creatively.  She is the embodiment of maternal creative essence.   The Empress is the warm, soft, and sensual unfolding of nature.  She harmonizes with the natural rhythms of life, and her energy often relates to animals, trees, and plants.  She represents mother nature, motherhood, and abundance.   When she appears in your tarot card reading  you know that your creativity is heightened, and a gateway is opening from which new life shall be born.  Her maternal love and gentle support, nourishes and cultivates everything around her.  As Venus she is the love and source of all life, as she  maternally transforms, supports and creates.

 Her answer to the question you seek is to find that quiet place within where you can tune in to the subtle harmonizing vibrations in order to gain insight and awareness  into your situation.  Her influence can be seen all around you in the wonder and beauty of nature, as the seasons which unfold  continuously, leaving you in awe and inspire you with delight and wonder.  She creates and then nurtures her creations.  She is a powerful symbol of protection, nurturing, and nourishment.

Wrap her blanket of safety around you, engage her protective shield, and allow yourself to open up to her creativity as she creates a safe space for you to feel nurtured and cared for. 

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The Major Arcana – The Empress